Calculate carbon footprint for
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Biocode is your one-stop solution to measure a product’s carbon footprint, delivering results in kg CO2e/kg. Experience a comprehensive snapshot of emissions paired with a breakdown of the entire lifecycle.

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    Emission inventory

    From cradle-to-gate

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    Emission factor database

    Large emission factor database

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    Product carbon footprint

    Clearly presented in kg CO2e/kg

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    Overview of emissions

    Throughout the product life cycle


Emission inventory

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    Raw materials

    Production, cultivating, fishing or hunting

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    Transportation to production facilities

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    Energy consumption for primary product & allocation some emissions to the co-products

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    Production and transportation of the packaging materials


Emission factors

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    Built-in database

    Built-in database for ready-to-use emission factors for all life cycles that includes only fossil GHG emissions, the GWP 100 years has been applied.

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    Clear information

    Each emission factor presented in the Biocode, has an information on how the emission factor is formed.

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    Tailored emission factors

    Emissions can also be tailored for your specific processes.


Overview on the carbon footprint

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    Results shown in clear graphs

    Showing the partial footprint and percentages by life cycle stage.

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    Easy to understand product carbon footprint

    Presented in kg CO2e/kg

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    Dig in to the details

    See the details either by category or emissions.

Visually clear reporting

Biocode reports are visual and digital, making them easy to share and update in real time globally

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    Climate measures

    Communicate your company’s climate measures, goals and achievements

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    Product profile

    Demonstrate that you are actively calculating your products’ carbon footprints

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    Carbon footprint progress

    Follow product-specific carbon footprint development

  • Tag

    Carbon footprint label

    Helps to benchmark and compare the carbon footprint of products with other products in the same product category

Biocode for reporting

Guide: Carbon Footprint Calculation

Calculating the carbon footprint is an important step towards more climate-friendly practices. But where to start calculating the carbon footprint? This guide will help you get started!

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    Testing your own product- or field-specific calculation

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