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Climate-responsible food with a transparent carbon footprint

Make responsibility a measurable part of your company’s operations and communication. With a carbon footprint calculator, instead of long calculation projects, you can respond to the demand for responsible food and the increased pressure on food consumption immediately.

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Responsibility is not difficult
– calculate the carbon footprint yourself

The increased climate pressure can be seen and felt
in the food market. Consumers and central stores need information about companies’ climate actions. Biocode makes carbon footprint calculation possible even for small responsible food brands and food producers.


Do you want to prove your responsibility?

Grow your concrete understanding of climate action and learn to identify where emissions are coming from


Do you need reliable information?

Prove the carbon footprint of your products all the way from downstream production. Ready-made databases speed up and clarify calculations.


Do you need clear reports?

Avoid sudden reporting pressure. Respond to demand with clear and reliable reports.

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Using Biocode has given us a lot of ‘ah-ha!’ experiences. It has been insightful to use the calculator and see how different raw materials affect the end result. We have learned that rapeseed oil, for example, can increase the carbon footprint of products quite a lot.

Linda Forss

Procurement Manager, Anton&Anton

Get started quickly
– clear and easy to use

Forget about long and difficult calculation projects with consultants. The web-based calculator helps you get started and increases your understanding step by step. The national primary production counter helps to collect the data reliably directly from the farms.


Easy to use

You don’t need special skills. The calculator’s user interface is simple and easy to use.



Synkka integration and databases speed up calculations. The calculation for the product is generated in ten minutes.



Changing values is updated in real time. Visualised information helps to understand product-specific emissions.

Transparent calculation
– visual reporting

The climate effects of food accumulate over the entire life cycle. At Biocode, you have a ready-made database for thousands of food industry decision factors.

Biocode’s experts work to support you, so that your reports and calculations are based on researched and standardised information. Biocode reports are visual and digital, making it easy to share and update them in real time worldwide.


Emission factors

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    Raw materials
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    Procurement chain
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    Packaging materials

Real-time comparison

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    Life cycle lists
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    Reactive bar charts
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    Comparison table

Digital reporting

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    Company profile
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    Product profile
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    Carbon footprint label

Clearer carbon footprint
comparison of products

With Biocode’s carbon footprint label, comparing and choosing climate-friendly products is even easier and understandable. With the help of the label, the carbon footprint is compared to the carbon footprint of products in its own product category.

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    Carbon footprint classification from A-E

  • Tags

    26 different product categories

Benchmark label

Change makers

Broiler carbon footprint
Scandi Standard

Scandi Standard

Better Chicken for a Better Life

Scandi Standard starts using Biocode to manage carbon footprint across the broiler supply chain

Lagerblad Foods meatballs
Lagerblad Foods

Lagerblad Foods

Food made by chefs since 1998

Innovating for a Greener Future: How Lagerblad Foods Integrates Carbon Footprint into Product Development



Plant based food

Comparing Carbon Footprints: Vöner Burger vs. Traditional Beef Patty

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Training, support and reporting services require a paid plan. Personal use for farmers and producers is free.