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How Biocode works

Three simple steps to calculate your product’s, company’s or value chain’s carbon footprint.

Collect data & calculate

Start by signing in and add your input data to the calculator. Collect the necessary data and calculate your carbon footprint with a platform that has built-in science and methodologies.

Get insight & act

The calculator gives you an easy-to-understand picture of the carbon footprint. Knowledge on emissions helps you to make informed decisions and drives your climate actions.

Report & communicate

Visual reports clarify carbon footprint calculations and help you communicate climate impacts and actions clearly and transparently to different stakeholders.

Why customers love Biocode


Easy to use

Simple and easy to use, no previous experience needed.

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    Clear and simple UI with tangible visualisations of the carbon footprint
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    Instant feedback on how inputs impact the carbon footprint
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    Support from Biocode experts


Hit the ground running. After the data collection phase, calculation takes less than 10 minutes.

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    Built-in emission factor database
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    Guidelines and standards are seamlessly integrated, sparing users the need to navigate them
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    Use the calculator any time, anywhere


Biocode is based on the latest scientific research and international standards, which are clearly communicated to user.

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    Accurate calculation methods based on the latest research, with explanations
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    Links to scientific sources (research, standards and protocols) directly within the tool
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    Compliant with various guidelines & standards

    ISO 14067 and ISO 14040 standards, GHG Protocol, IPCC’s guidelines on national greenhouse gas inventories and EU PEFCR instructions



Crystal-clear picture of your products’ carbon footprints throughout the supply chain.

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    Visual calculator that updates in real-time
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    A complete, visualized life cycle inventory: detailed breakdown by emission and category
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    Corporate emissions divided in Scopes: Breakdown by sources & gases

A simple and effective way to manage carbon footprints throughout supply-chains

Biocode for food brands & products

Corporate & product carbon footprints

Food brands can calculate their corporate GHG-emissions and product carbon footprints year-on-year.

Use Biocode to get a better understanding of the climate impact of your products, develop new and better products and activities and provide valuable data for your sustainability reporting and marketing.

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Biocode for producers & farmers

Agriculture and primary production

Producers and farmers can include carbon footprint calculation in the planning of crop cycles.

Reduce emissions and increase soil organic carbon with the help of Biocode and climate smart practices. Biocode is also an effective tool for producers and farmers to collaboratively work with food companies to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

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Biocode for reporting

Clear reporting and transparent marketing

Food brands, producers and farmers all benefit from the clear reporting tools that Biocode provides.

By communicating transparently about carbon footprints you avoid greenwashing and make effective climate action a core part of your reporting and marketing. Biocode helps meet the increasing demands of consumers and regulators.

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The benefits of using Biocode


Get data

Don’t base your climate actions on assumptions. Biocode provides you with detailed, always up-to date and scientifically grounded data to support your sustainability efforts.


Save time

Life cycle assessment and carbon footprint accounting can be challenging and time-consuming. Sustainability professionals shouldn’t have to waste their time on complicated calculations. Biocode simplifies these calculations, allowing you to focus on taking climate action!


Be complient

Climate science is full of principles and standards. With Biocode’s integrated principles and consistently visible sources, you can have confidence that you are following the essential standards and concepts.

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