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With Biocode, you ensure that your climate communication is data-based and transparent.

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From farmers to food brands.

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Respond to the increasing climate awareness of consumers and the requirements set by the EU with reliable and transparent carbon footprint calculations and reports in an understandable way.


Do you want to convince customers and stakeholders?

With Biocode, you can respond to requests for information from customers and stakeholders about the climate impact of your company and products transparently and credibly.


Are your reports reliable and understandable?

Learn to identify and communicate what the carbon footprint consists of and how your company’s climate actions have influenced development.

Do you want to comply with requirements?

The Green Claims Directive imposes restrictions on environmental communication. With Biocode, you communicate about your product’s climate impact in campaigns, packaging, and websites.

In the future, you can quickly read where the fish comes from and what the product's carbon footprint is via the QR code attached to Benella's packaging. At Eriksson, we have always known precisely the origin of our products, but more and more consumers are interested in the responsibility of products. With the help of the carbon footprint label, it is possible to illustrate how the carbon footprint compares to other fish and fish products. In online reports, all information is accessible to consumers quickly, easily and comprehensibly.

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Share visual carbon footprint reports with the world

Biocode’s illustrative reports are generated directly in the web service. The reports are easy to share and link directly to consumers and partners through packaging. Illustrative reporting consists of four different sections.

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    Climate actions

    Communicate your company’s climate actions, objectives, and achievements.

  • User

    Product profile

    Compiles product-specific information and emissions into clear categories.

  • Progressvertical

    Progress on carbon footprint

    Track and communicate the development of the product-specific carbon footprint.

  • Tag

    Carbon footprint label

    Helps to compare your product’s carbon footprint with other products in the same category.

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Meet the standards and ensure your reliability

Our calculator and reports comply with GHG Protocol, ISO 14067 and ISO 14040 standards, IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories and EU PEFCR guidelines.


Clearer carbon footprint
comparison of products

With Biocode’s carbon footprint label, comparing and choosing climate-friendly products is even easier and understandable. With the help of the label, the carbon footprint is compared to the carbon footprint of products in its own product category.

  • Chartpie

    Carbon footprint classification from A-E

  • Tags

    26 different product categories

Benchmark label

Change makers

Euronet ATM


Market-leader in ATM Solutions across Europe

Euronet Values Efficiency and Transparency in Carbon Accounting

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A Small fish company

10% lower climate impact – This is how Hailia reduced its carbon footprint

Broiler carbon footprint
Scandi Standard

Scandi Standard

Better Chicken for a Better Life

Scandi Standard starts using Biocode to manage carbon footprint across the broiler supply chain

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