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Biocode benchmark label
Articles — Nov 30, 2023

Carbon footprint labels and how to use them

From carbon accounting to climate action
Articles — Nov 24, 2023

Tackling the Agricultural Carbon Footprint: Challenges and Solutions in the food chain

Life Cycle Assessment
Articles — Nov 17, 2023

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Explained

Articles — Nov 10, 2023

Farmer’s climate actions support food companies’ net-zero targets

Scope webinar

Webinar: Navigating Scopes 1, 2 & 3

Dive deep into company emission accounting – Scope 1, 2 & 3 calculations. The webinar gives you an overview of the regulatory landscape, introduces internationally accepted frameworks and helps you to get started with Scope 1-3 emissions calculations. Watch the recording and download the slides!

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Guide: Carbon Footprint Calculation

Calculating the carbon footprint is an important step towards more climate-friendly practices. But where to start calculating the carbon footprint? This guide will help you get started!

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Communicating the climate responsibility of food

With good responsibility communication, you stand out from your competitors and can influence both consumers’ purchasing decisions and the activities of companies and their stakeholders.

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    Clearer carbon footprint
    comparison of products

    With Biocode’s carbon footprint label, comparing and choosing climate-friendly products is even easier and understandable. With the help of the label, the carbon footprint is compared to the carbon footprint of products in its own product category.

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      Carbon footprint classification from A-E

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      26 different product categories

    Benchmark label

    Looking for instructions on how to use the calculator?

    You can find help and instructions on how to use Biocode in our Help Centre.