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Transparent and reliable
carbon footprint reporting

A responsibility strategy and reporting is essential for the success of climate-friendly companies and brands. Biocode’s visual and digital reporting brings clarity to the chaos of emissions reporting.

Biocode reporting software in use

Now is the time to update
the reports

Consumers’ increased climate awareness is reflected in increased reporting pressure. Meet the requirements with reliable reports and prove your climate responsibility in an understandable way.


Do you want to convince consumers and chains?

To support the reports, you get a carbon footprint label for your product, which facilitates carbon footprint comparison within different product categories


Are your reports reliable and understandable?

Biocode creates a complete visualised life cycle inventory with detailed information clearly broken down by emissions and category

Is your information accessible and shareable?

Biocode reports are digital, which makes it easy to share and update them in real time

In the future, you can quickly read where the fish comes from and what the product's carbon footprint is via the QR code attached to Benella's packaging. At Eriksson, we have always known precisely the origin of our products, but more and more consumers are interested in the responsibility of products. With the help of the carbon footprint label, it is possible to illustrate how the carbon footprint compares to other fish and fish products. In online reports, all information is accessible to consumers quickly, easily and comprehensibly.

Piia Ahde

Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Share and link to visual
digital reports

Biocode’s illustrative reports are created directly in the online service. The reports are easy to share and link directly through the packaging to consumers and partners. Visual reporting consists of four forms of reporting that meet different needs.

  • Trophy

    Climate measures

    A message about your company’s climate measures, goals and achievements

  • User

    Product profile

    Gathers product-specific information and emissions into clear categories

  • Progressvertical

    Carbon footprint progress

    Follow and report on the development of the product-specific carbon footprint

Biocode for reporting

Meet the standards and ensure your reliability

Our calculator and reports comply with GHG Protocol, ISO 14067 and ISO 14040 standards, IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories and EU PEFCR guidelines.


Change makers

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Scandi Standard

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