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Digital Carbon Accounting
with Biocode

Effectively measure your company’s climate impacts with accountable audit trails and transparent reporting facilitated by digital tools.


Report Emissions Transparently

Meet the increasing demand for transparency in GHG emissions accounting and climate initiatives.

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    Report Corporate Sustainability Scope 1-3 emissions

    The carbon footprint calculator provides the needed information for reporting requirements.

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    Set SBTi goals

    Set Science-based emission reduction goals in line with FLAG guidance.

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    Ensure an Audit Trail for Your Calculations

    Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Company GHG accounting needs a traceable audit trails.


Efficiency with Digital Solution

Enhance your company’s expertise in climate issues with digital emissions accounting. This ensures efficiency and continuous development.

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    Cost Savings

    The platform solution saves up to 80% compared to one-off consulting projects.

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    Internal Expertise

    Internal capabilities enable rapid response to market changes and strengthen competitive advantage.

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    Iterative Development

    Work becomes more refined, deepened, and evolved according to the climate strategy.


Data-Driven Business

Sustainability must be goal-oriented, measurable, and understandable to be implemented in operational activities.

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    Identify Emissions Sources

    Use the data to identify the biggest emission sources.

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    Decarbonise Operations

    Build your data-driven climate strategy.

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    Work with Suppliers

    Collaborate with suppliers to reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Vilja Hannula

Vilja Hannula

COO — Sales & Customer Success
+358 40 837 8511

Why do companies choose Biocode for their sustainability work?



Generate carbon footprint reports whenever, however, and for whatever purpose you want. A digital solution brings agility and speed to the company’s responsiveness.

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    Take Control with a Visual Interface
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    Copy, edit, and compare calculations
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    Test scenarios and investments
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    Use pre-set emission factors
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Cost Effectiveness

Biocode’s service is based on low monthly costs and increasing users’ own capabilities.

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    Self-Service Portal available 24/7
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    Expert support for complex questions
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    Continuous development as part of the process
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    Multiple calculators for different needs
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Biocode is always based on the latest scientific research and international standards and guidelines.

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    Transparency and audit readiness
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    Links to scientific sources
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    Always incorporating the latest standards
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    Expert support and verification for calculations
Learn methodology

A simple and efficient way to manage supply chain carbon footprint

Scope päästölaskenta Biocodessa
Company emissions

Calculate your company’s carbon footprint

Meet the EU sustainability reporting (CSRD) requirements and calculate your company’s emissions according to GHG protocol. In Biocode, you can reliably and flexibly calculate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Scope 1-3 calculation
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Product carbon footprint

Life cycle assessment of food products

The carbon footprint of a food product is assessed in Biocode using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods. Product-specific carbon footprint is a competitive advantage that validates your company’s sustainability based on science.

Life Cycle Assessment
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Production emissions

Calculate the carbon footprint of agriculture and primary production

Up to 82% of emissions from food companies come from food production. Genuine impact is achieved when you can identify emission reduction measures needed in production with Biocode and verify their effects.

Tools for primary production

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    See key and new product features
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