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Biocode for the Finance Sector

Responsible financing for agriculture and food industry with Biocode.

Better risk assessment and more responsible investments with a reliable carbon footprint calculator

Banks, insurance companies, and investment funds need emission data from companies to increase the impact of financing and manage risks. With Biocode, you get the information you need for assessing and improving climate resilience.


Improve risk assessment and agricultural loan portfolio

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    Data-driven loan decisions

    Evaluate the environmental sustainability of farming practices before granting loans.

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    Lower environmental risks

    Reduce environmental risks by prioritizing loans for farmers committed to sustainable development.

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    Support and advice for farmers

    Use the information generated by Biocode to advise producers on sustainable farming practices and improve loan eligibility.


Comply with regulations and invest responsibly

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    Compliance and reporting

    Meet Taxonomy requirements with verified data.

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    Market leadership through impact investing

    Be a pioneer in the finance sector and focus financing on projects proven to be sustainable.


Long-term benefits

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    Customer trust and loyalty

    Gain trust from environmentally responsible customers by building long-term relationships based on shared values.

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    Mitigating climate change

    By investing in sustainable companies, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Part of a sustainability strategy

    Learn to utilize climate data as part of your sustainability strategy.

A simple and efficient way to manage supply chain carbon footprint

Scope päästölaskenta Biocodessa
Corporate emissions

Company’s carbon footprint

Companies will soon need to comply with the EU’s sustainability reporting (CSRD) requirements. Biocode allows for GHG protocol-compliant Scope 1–3 emissions calculations.

GHG emission accounting
Jaetut arvioinnit

Carbon footprint of agriculture and primary production

Reduce agricultural emissions and increase soil carbon sequestration with Biocode and principles of regenerative farming. Biocode is an effective tool for reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply chain and promoting collaboration.

Tools for primary production

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