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The go-to service for climate smart food companies​

Biocode Impact is an online service for tracking, improving, and communicating the climate impact of food products. The tool allows you to get an up-to-date, reliable, and primary data-level understanding of your product's carbon footprint from raw material production to the store shelves.

Discover your product’s climate performance

Hassle-free interface

Reduce the hassle with an easy-to-use, intuitive and user-driven interface. Clear reporting and simple life cycle selection help you to get uncluttered and robust results of your product’s climate impact.

The user interface of Biocode Impact

Scalable throughout the product portfolio

The dynamic tool allows you to discover the carbon footprints of all the products within your company’s portfolio at once.

Biocode Impact

Collaborative assessments​

Invite your suppliers and partners to enter their numbers for primary-level data. Allow experts to review your assessments for third party validation.

Identify emission hotspots

Assess the climate impact of different stages of your product’s lifecycle to identify emission hotspots. Target your efforts to effectively reduce product carbon footprints.

Build scenarios for foresight and product development

Create scenarios to monitor and influence the long-term climate performance of your products. Acquire comprehension of the choices that matter the most.

Turn science-based insights into action

Science-based and data-driven decision-making enables high impact action instead of relying on assumptions or statistical estimates. The assessments are based on ISO 14000 series standards, IPCC guidelines and EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methods.​

Track and follow your performance

Continuous tracking helps you to keep data updated and to follow up on annual product carbon footprint trends. Tracking also allows you to validate your performance improvements and to express achieved emission reductions.

Tell the world about it

Opt-in to share results with your stakeholders. Adopt the multifunctional Biocode Climate Smart product tag to back up your communications of your climate smart products that are in line with well below 2 degrees Celsius emissions reduction pathway.

Become a climate smart food brand

Stakeholder demand for more accountable business is ever-increasing. Embrace the change by incorporating climate smart business practices​. Transparency regarding your products’ climate impacts and actions to reduce them builds credibility and trust, enhances brand loyalty, and improves your company’s reputation. This gets reflected in the increased competitiveness of your products and, ultimately, in the growth of your company’s profitability.

Reach your climate goals

Buzzwords and pretty sustainability reports are not just enough to make a true difference and impact. Back up your climate actions with quantitative information and validate your performance improvements with data that leaves no room for interpretations. Only with real emission reductions will you achieve the climate goals set by your company.

Future-proof your business

Mitigate risks by preparing for possible future changes, such as changing legislation, compliance requirements, or financial incentives. Discover new business opportunities to create long-term shared value and to support sustainable business growth.

Need a hand in future-proofing your business?​

Why choose Biocode?​


Nordic and neutral​

Biocode is a neutral and transparent platform. Nordic impartiality and integrity are world-famous attributes that generate credibility and trust.​


Dynamic platform​

Our data is granular and based on science, not on outdated estimations. Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to create rich knowledge for our customers.​


Rich intelligence​

Our relationship with the food ecosystem and continuous collection of data caters for faster development and more reliable, always up-to-date tool for our customers.​

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