Are you ready for Climate Smart food?

Are you ready for Climate Smart food?

Biocode is your reliable partner for Climate Smart food. We help conscious companies and individuals identify tangible ways to decarbonise food production for reversing global heating.​
Package of poultry meat with Biocode's Climate smart product tag
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Package of poultry meat with Biocode's Climate smart product tag

Become a Climate Smart food brand

Stakeholder demand for more accountable business is ever-increasing. Embrace the change by incorporating Climate Smart business practices​. Transparency regarding your products’ climate impacts and actions to reduce them builds credibility and trust, enhances brand loyalty, and improves your company’s reputation. This gets reflected in the increased competitiveness of your products and, ultimately, in the growth of your company’s profitability.

Reach your climate goals

Buzzwords and pretty sustainability reports are not just enough to make a true difference and impact. Back up your climate actions with quantitative information and validate your performance improvements with data that leaves no room for interpretations. Only with real emission reductions will you achieve the climate goals set by your company.

Future-proof your business

Mitigate risks by preparing for possible future changes, such as changing legislation, compliance requirements, or financial incentives. Discover new business opportunities to create long-term shared value and to support sustainable business growth.

Need a hand in future-proofing your business?​


The global food system accounts for one quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions


Up to 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions generated from food production originate from agriculture


Greenhouse gases from food production consist mainly of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4)

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