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Introducing Kalavapriikki – pure and responsible taste experiences

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Kalavapriikki joins our ever growing collective. The company offers consumers a variety of fish products in an environmentally friendly way. Check out Kalavapriikki’s Member profile.

Kalavapriikki, located in Kuopio, enhanced its climate and environmental work in 2016, when a new energy-efficient production plant opened its doors. The company sees energy efficiency as the cornerstone of their environmental responsibility.

Kalavapriikki is especially pride of the solar power plant commissioned in 2018 as well as continuous investment in renewable energy. The company’s goal is to be as self-sufficient in energy use as possible. Kalavapriikki utilises geothermal heat and recovers all excess heat.

Fish products with respect for the environment

For Kalavapriikki, environmental responsibility actually comes quite naturally – after all, we are dealing with natural products. Taking care of the condition of the fish’s habitat is extremely important to the company, not only because of its ethics, but also because of the quality of product.

– Our raw materials come from Finnish lakes and the Baltic Sea where climate change and eutrophication are a visible problem. We want to make a positive impact where our operations have an effect, says Ari Hietanen, Product Development and Quality Manager at Kalavapriikki.

Choices for the environment and the climate

The choices made now have long-term effects. Kalavapriikki has taken the initiative to take responsibility for environmental and climate impacts: the company has radically reduced the use of plastic in its packaging to reduce the amount of micro-plastics entering waterways, and has started cooperating with Biocode to determine product-specific carbon footprints.

– Phasing out the carbon footprint gives you the opportunity to make a difference and make a positive difference. We want to show that delicious food can be environmentally friendly, Hietanen says.

Biocode was selected as Kalavapriikki’s partner for climate work, as the tools offered by Biocode are versatile and based on up-to-date science. Kalavapriikki uses the Biocode Impact online service to find out the product-specific carbon footprint and Biocode Collective to communicate its own climate work.

– We expect that we will be able to focus climate measures more precisely on the right points in the processes, says Hietanen about the cooperation that has begun.

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