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Scandi Standard starts using Biocode to manage carbon footprint across the broiler supply chain

Broiler carbon footprint

Leading chicken product manufacturer in the Nordics and Ireland Scandi Standard, chose Biocode for their platform to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of broiler production.

As a pilotScandi Standard’s Finnish broiler producers, will be calculating the climate impacts of their production with Biocode. With Biocode, broiler producers can continuously calculate and manage the carbon footprint of their production. This ensures a more sustainable approach to their operations. The partnership is planned to cover all countries where Scandi Standard is operating in. It will enable consistent assessments of climate impacts and facilitate multi-country comparisons.

We are very excited to provide carbon footprint calculation and management for Scandi Standard and Naapurin Maalaiskana. There is huge potential in poultry to reduce global emissions and meet growing needs for protein sources. Digital technologies can play a key role in unlocking this potential.

Ernesto Hartikainen, CEO, Biocode

Ambitious Climate Action Starts from Primary Production

The objective of this collaboration is to adopt a systematic approach for carbon footprint management across the broiler supply chain. A data-led approach enables Scandi Standard to better meet growing reporting requirements to regulators and customers.

Producers will be empowered to calculate the carbon footprints of their production processes. This includes raising broilers and producing feeds. Producers can also conduct a field plot specific assessments to track changes in soil organic carbon reserves resulting from land use practices. With these insights, both producers and Scandi Standard can pinpoint the most significant areas for targeted climate actions.

Climate strategy is an integrated part of Scandi Standard’s business strategy and this collaboration with Biocode provides an opportunity to develop a credible and consistent methodology to calculate the carbon emissions and removals at farm level. The goal is that this will increase not only the quality of our emission data but also our ability to reduce emissions and lower Scandi Standard’s climate impact where the effect is the greatest.

Ida Ljungkvist, Head of Sustainability, Scandi Standard

Information is needed in order to meet the Science Based Targets

Scandi Standard is engaged in the Science Based Targets initiative and has validated science-based climate goals for the entire value chain. The majority of the company’s carbon footprint comes from feed cultivation and production, as well as broiler raising. Biocode gives an exciting opportunity to make substantial climate actions right from the initial stages of production.

By partnering with Biocode, Scandi Standard reaffirms its commitment to ambitious climate action, sustainability, and responsible business practices. With the collaboration, Scandi Standard takes a step towards achieving a more environmentally conscious broiler production industry.

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