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100% Impact, 0% Greenwashing

Biocode Collective

You don't need to have experience or education on life-cycle analysis in order to have a positive impact on the climate. We are here to help you.

Biocode Collective is our community for sustainability forerunners. Becoming a member, you can effectively communicate how you are achieving a 100% sustainability impact to your current and future customers.

To get you going, we have already calculated the most necessary factors needed to create the life-cycle analysis of your products. All we need from you is data from your sourcing and production processes and we make the first calculations with you. At the same time, we will teach you how to use the programme independently. But don’t worry – we will be there for you to make sure you won’t get lost or miss a step even after that.

Are you ready to meet the challenge of reversing the climate change with Biocode Collective?



The Members of the Biocode Collective achieve measurable environmental impact by utilising the online services for calculating and improving products’ climate performance.

Members make the change happen.

Members have access to following online services:

  • Biocode Collective
    • Member profile
    • 1 Climate Smart product profile
    • Member services
  • Biocode Impact
    • Training for carbon footprint calculations
    • 1 calculation by Biocode
    • 3 user licenses
    • 50 products

Annual membership 2 988 € (VAT  0 %)



The Leaders of the Biocode Collective take advanced measures in order to prevent global warming. They are vanguards that lead the whole industry to a more climate smart future.

Leaders accelerate the change.

Leaders have access to following online services:

  • Biocode Collective
    • Leader profile
    • 2 Climate Smart product profiles
    • 2 Showcase stories
    • Member services
  • Biocode Impact
    • Training for carbon footprint calculations
    • 2 calculations by Biocode
    • 5 user licenses
    • 100 products
  • Biocode Producer
    • 20 raw material producers

Annual membership 11 880 € (VAT 0 %)



The Founders of the Biocode Collective are the driving force of the movement for measurable environmental impacts through the products we consume daily.

Founders make the change possible.

Founders have access to following online services:

  • Biocode Collective
    • Founder profile
    • 3 Climate Smart product profiles
    • 2+ Showcase stories
    • Extended member services
  • Biocode Impact
    • Training for carbon footprint calculations
    • 3 calculations by Biocode
    • 10 user licences
    • 100+ products
  • Biocode Producer
    • 20+ raw material producers

Annual membership 29 880 € (VAT 0 %)

Getting started in a nutshell


Join the Biocode Collective

We will have a kickoff meeting together where we gather a list of all the necessary information and data on your resource use like raw materials, energy sources and packaging.


Start measuring your company's and products' climate performance

Our impact assessment specialists make the first analysis with you and train you to use the online tool along the way.


Share your climate smartness

Sharing is caring! You have access to the most up-to-date, science based data in the online tool. We will keep you updated on current climate issues and you can share your thoughts with other members in the events we organise.

Are you up for making a real climate impact by reducing the carbon footprint of your products? Leave us a message here and we will get back to you shortly.

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