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A berry company owned by farmers

Pakkasmarja calculated the carbon footprint of its entire production chain

Handful of strawberries

In Pakkasmarja, the carbon footprint calculation extended from initial production all the way to consumer products. Life cycle assessment fits well with Pakkasmarja’s responsibility goals.

Pakkasmarja is a berry company founded by berry growers. It manufactures and develops berry products that are available frozen all year round and also sells fresh berries during the harvest season.

Pakkasmarja, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, has done systematic work for its responsibility over the years.

“Responsibility is one of our values, and it is important that it is taken into account in everything we do,” says Heidi Kumpulainen, Pakkasmarja’s responsibility manager.

Last year, carbon footprint calculation was also included in the responsibility perspective. The scale of the calculation project was exceptionally large, as it covered the entire production chain from cultivation to the final product.

Pakkasmarja Cover

Data from the carbon footprint supports Pakkasmarja’s communication and actions

Using Biocode’s calculator, Pakkasmarja got data on the carbon footprint of its consumer products. Calculations were made for frozen products and fresh products. The results are used both to support responsibility communication and in concrete actions to reduce the carbon footprint.

According to Pakkasmarja’s experience, consumers value the fact that companies are able to communicate their responsibility actions.


“We have the idea that the results will eventually be carried over to packaging labels. Customers want companies to know their own inventories and what the product’s emissions consist of, so that they can be addressed. That’s why we are involved, we would see the effects of our own activities, and how we can reduce the carbon footprint”, says Kumpulainen.

Kumpulainen says it’s great that Pakkasmarja got farmers involved in the calculation. It is also possible to calculate with indicative values, but calculating the values of your own supply chain is the best way to indicate the development targets. The calculator has also been useful from the farmers point of view.

The results shows you clearly what the emissions consist of and what could be the areas that should be paid attention to if you want to reduce emissions in the future. On the basis of the calculator, you can take the activities in the right direction.

Berry farm Marjakatrilli’s entrepreneur Kati-Maria Snäkin

The calculator’s visualization helps you understand the results

Using Biocode’s carbon footprint calculator was easy, even though the extensive calculation covered all parts of the production chain.

“It is convenient to enter values into the calculator, and it illustrates well how the emissions are distributed. Visually, it’s easy to understand the results when the calculation is done,” says Heidi Kumpulainen.

Pakkasmarja also received surprising information about its activities from the results of the calculation. In recent years, the company has, among other things, switched to using solar energy extensively, and it shows in the numbers.

“It was nice to notice that it has a big impact on environmental friendliness,” says Kumpulainen.

Cooperation with Biocode has gone seamlessly.

“Along the way, we have always received help using the counter when it was needed. At the beginning, there was an understanding of how the calculator works and how the values should be prepared so that they fit the calculator. Biocode’s experts have advised and guided well. It’s also great that they are really enthusiastic about their own work,” says Kumpulainen.

Get to know Pakkasmarja’s responsibility work and products in Finnish on their website.

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