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Biocode and Vöner start cooperation with carbon footprint assessment

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Vöner, a producer of plant-based food, and Biocode are partnering in carbon footprint and lifecycle assessment.

The story of Vöner started in 2017, when the founder of the company, Siva Parlar created an idea of a plant-based alternative for a traditional kebab. Gradually Vöner found its’ way from professional kitchens to hands of normal consumers and home cooks. Vöner has played an important role in modernising the Finnish food culture by offering plant-based alternatives for traditional cooking.

Being ecological is key for Vöner

In order to increase value of the entire production chain, the whole manufacturing was moved to Finland. This decision has led to bigger production capacity and more efficient product development. The next step is to assess greenhouse gas emissions for each product, and this is the part where Biocode steps in.

“Biocode has proven to be a perfect partner right from the start. The company has nice, professional experts to help us reach our targets. Our primary task is to assess greenhouse gas emissions for each product and compensate them later”, says creative director and founder Siva Parlar.

“It’s great that Vöner adopts our online services to track and improve their climate impact. By assessing carbon footprint in a transparent and systematic way, Vöner demonstrates its’ willingness to be responsible”, says Ernesto Hartikainen, CEO of Biocode.

Assessing climate impact is important

Plant-based products are often seen to have low carbon emissions by nature. But it’s still important to be able to prove this assumption right – both from company’s own development and communications point of view. Demand for plant-based products is increasing world-wide and, so is their role in reversing global heating.

In the carbon footprint assessment, the entire lifecycle of Vöner products is considered. Then the target is to identify factors that cause most of the emissions and focus on improving them. By doing this, the company can decrease greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable.   “Vöner is such an interesting newcomer on the Finnish food market. Founder of the company, Siva, expresses clear passion towards their products. It’s brilliant to cooperate with new, innovative cases. We share Vöner’s interest in bringing new innovations to the market”, Ernesto declares cheerfully.

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