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Biocode’s commitment brings soil into the carbon footprint calculator

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Biocode Oy starts cooperating with Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) by making a commitment to the Baltic Sea.

The commitment specifies that Biocode will develop a food carbon footprint calculator in such a way that it identifies the effects of renewable farming measures on soil carbon sequestration. Biocode is also involved in BSAG’s Carbon Action platform and supports the operation of the platform with its own expertise in digital services.

In its online digital calculator, Biocode applies BIOHILA project’s research-based models on effects of regenerative farming on soil carbon sequestration. Calculator is a practical addition to the soil carbon verifying system developed by Finnish Meteorological Institute on Carbon Action platform. Furthermore, Biocode includes information about regenerative farming in its online tool and guides tool users to the e-college “Uudistavan viljelyn e-opisto”.

We are very happy to start collaborating with BSAG and Carbon Action platform. In our own Baltic Sea Commitment, we support mitigating climate change with regenerative farming in Finland. Our goal is to create better conditions for sustainable food production and consumption, whether it’s about farming raw material on a specific farm or products on a grocery store shelf. We want to make carbon footprinting of food products commonplace.

Ernesto Hartikainen, CEO, Biocode

Biocode produces science-based calculation software for low-emission farming and sustainable food production. Producers and farmers can calculate changes in soil carbon sequestration per farm and field block and thus invest in regenerative farming.

It’s great, that Biocode recognises regenerative farming and includes a science-based model on soil carbon sequestration in its digital online tool. For a farmer it is crucial to see how the measures on the field affect carbon sequestration in the soil – Biocode’s development work supports this goal. By guiding online tool users to the e-college on regenerative farming, Biocode helps farmers in identifying measures that improve soil health and carbon sequestration.

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt, CEO, BSAG

The calculation of soil carbon reserves is constantly studied. As research information increases, Biocode develops and improves its online service according to the updated instructions.

Why calculating the changes in soil carbon stocks matter? Read the article!

Are you interested in calculating the change in soil carbon reserves? Start using Biocode’s producer calculator for free here.

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