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We are tasked with the software development and upkeep of the Valio Carbo® Farm calculator for the carbon footprint assessment of raw milk on individual farm-level. The online calculator went recently into production for Valio’s dairy farms.

Verso Food

We have served Verso Food with the life-cycle assessment of their fava bean products Beanit® and Härkis®. Our work helped them to identify the carbon footprint reduction potential by minimising waste.


We have built online tools to calculate the  carbon footprint of  chicken, pork and beef of HKScan contract suppliers. Online user interfaces for data collection enable assessments on a granular, yet scalable fashion.

Kinnusen Mylly

We assessed the climate impacts of their oat flake products and compared the climate impacts of organic and conventional oat suppliers. Our services supported their management to better understand life-cycle assessments and product carbon footprint calculations.

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