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Climate strategy is an integrated part of Scandi Standard’s business strategy and this collaboration with Biocode provides an opportunity to develop a credible and consistent methodology to calculate the carbon emissions and removals at farm level. The goal is that this will increase not only the quality of our emission data but also our ability to reduce emissions and lower Scandi Standard’s climate impact where the effect is the greatest.

Ida Ljungkvist

Head of Sustainability, Scandi Standard

Case Scandi Standard

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Biocode is your gateway to a more sustainable future. From assessing supply chain emissions to streamlining Product Life Cycle Assessments to enhance transparency in the broiler industry, Biocode offers a suite of solutions to empower your organisation.


Company GHG emissions calculation (Scope 1-3)​

Is your company obligated to report emissions due to EU’s CSRD regulation, or have you established targets in line with the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)? With Biocode, you will always have access to the necessary data to respond to information requests from all stakeholders. Moreover, you can effectively reduce emissions by leveraging real activity data rather than relying solely on averages.

Company GHG calculation

Broiler product LCA ​

Product Life Cycle Assessment without navigating through PEF, IPCC, and various ISO standards may seem too good to be true, but with Biocode, it becomes a reality. You’ll have immediate access to a ready-to-use emission factor database, enabling you to swiftly assess the climate impact of your end-products. These results can then be used to proactively reduce your environmental footprint, back up marketing claims, enhance product development, and earn recognition and trust in the market.

Product LCA

Broiler producer assessments

Getting visibility into supply chain emissions can be challenging. Biocode has a built-in producer assessment tool that empowers broiler producers to evaluate their emissions and share the results with your organization. Accessing real data from primary production is the cornerstone of effective climate action. By embracing this opportunity, you become the forerunner in the meat industry and meet the growing expectations for sustainability and transparency.

Emission management

Why Biocode?

Biocode is your one-step solution for all climate data. From farm-level assessment & producer co-operation to Scope 1-3 emission calculation and product LCAs all in one handy tool.

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    Data Collection

    The tool will encourage your farmers to collect and report the needed data.

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    You’ll get a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis for farm-level, products and company emissions, identifying areas for improvement.

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    Action Plan

    Receive a personalized action plan tailored to your farm’s specific needs, with recommendations for reducing emissions and enhancing sustainability.

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    Life cycle models & emission factors

    Broiler’s life cycle model and more than 300 emission factors build into Biocode and ready for you to start using!

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